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Hi , I have tested your Prasugrel and 6-Thioxanthine sample. The testing result is very good. Thanks for your quality product.Regards!

—— Ph.John

Dear Good days! we have very good news, the both samples are fine, the analytical test results meet the requirements of the client, thanks! Regar

—— Fedro

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Company News
(Ivanhoe Newswire)--Researchers are gaining insight on how to slow the growth of tumors via angiogenesis inhibitors. Angiogenesis is the process involving the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones. This is a normal process for growth and development as well as wound healing. Angiogenesi...
Promising Families of Drugs Combat the Spread of Tumors in Different Ways Contact: Lynn Yarris, (510) 486-5375, lcyarris@lbl.gov BERKELEY, CA – Pharmaceutical companies seeking to design more effective cancer chemotherapy agents may have an easier road ahead than was previously believed. A team of ...
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