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Organic acid ester group-α, β, γ-cyclodextrin

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Organic acid ester group-α, β, γ-cyclodextrin

Product Details:

Place of Origin:China

Organic acid ester group-α, β, γ-cyclodextrin





Characteristics and uses:
By different hydrophobic long-chain or short chain organic acid modified cyclodextrin on one or two sides, and the two amphiphilic cyclodextrin derivatives - ester of cyclodextrin derivatives, can achieve a variety of supramolecular aggregates, such as micelles, vesicles, nanoparticles (nano spheres and nano capsule) etc.. The ultramicrostructure based on its supramolecular aggregation, rather than the study of the drug carriers of the cyclodextrin cavity, has shown great application value.

In many cyclodextrin derivatives, ester derivatives play an important role. Ester of cyclodextrin derivatives based on cyclodextrin derivatives with general purpose, because it is relatively easy to disconnect the ester bond, this kind of derivatives in practical use is possible because the ester bond breaking and lead off function of modified groups, will bring change on the performance of. If applied to the drug carrying system, it may also lead to the toxicological changes of the drug carrying system, especially in the special acid environment of the intestinal drug delivery. But at the same time, the relative easily disconnected ester bonds may also bring some unique properties to the application of cyclodextrin derivatives. For example, the cyclodextrin cecum targeting drug delivery system is designed to link drugs with cyclodextrins by ester bonds, and release drugs at the target site by lipolytic enzymes.

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