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Magnetron Sputtering Machine

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Hi , I have tested your Prasugrel and 6-Thioxanthine sample. The testing result is very good. Thanks for your quality product.Regards!

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Magnetron Sputtering Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin:China

Main technical indexes:
1. ultimate vacuum: ≤6.6X10³Pa
2. vacuum acquisition system adopts molecular pump + mechanical pump unit
3. continuous pumping for 30 minutes, the vacuum degree is less than or equal to 8x10³Pa
4. cylindrical sputtering targets can work independently or at the same time
5. substrate ≤60mm in diameter, can be heated to ≤700℃, with water cooling, substrate speed adjustable, adjustable target base moment



Component Composition and specifications
Vacuum chamber Number Single chamber
Material 304 stainless steel
Form Cylindrical vertical structure
Dimension Φ300XH250
Top seal Fluorine rubber seal

Contains two vacuum gauge interface, several magnetron sputtering

target interface,

a high vacuum valve interface, a drainage pipe interface, an

observation window interface,

three valve interface, three interface and operating mechanism of

two electrical interface


Opening mode Top cover lifting device without top lifting
Lighting / drying

1x1000W lighting lamp, 1x1000w halogen lamp drying, drying

temperature within 200℃

Vacuum pumping systems main pump Molecular pump 1pc
forepump 6L rotary vane mechanical pump
backing pump

High vacuum valve adopts ultrahigh vacuum 1pc, bleed valve

adopts ultrahigh vacuum stop

valve three

Pipe / joint

Precision stainless steel tube, composed of bellows, quick

unload street and double card

sleeve joint

Vacuum Measuring System Compound vacuum gauge, gauge adopts all metal bare gauge
Magnetron Sputtering System Magnetron sputtering source One or two R60 magnetron sputtering targets
Target mounting position Vacuum chamber plate
Power Supply DC0.5KW,RF0.5KW each 1pc
target size Round copper target Φ60x2pcs
Baffle operation Direct shaft 1pc
Substrate system Substrate size / quantity Φ≤60mm,1pc
Substrate rotation autoroatation, speed 0-120/minute
Target base torque 10cm, is adjustable (±5cm)
Substrate heating Can be heated below 700℃, with water cooling
temperature control PID control, the control accuracy ±1℃
Water cooling system cooling of target

With a cooling water pipe and no cooling water or insufficient

cooling water pressure,

the water

pressure relay is disconnected and the target power supply is cut

off so as to prevent

the target

from overheating

Vacuum cooling system Molecular pump cooling
Substrate cooling Cooling water cooling
Gas delivery system Conveying mode

gas pipeline and the charging valve are passed through the vacuum

chamber wall

Gas control MFC mass flow controller
Frame structure Aluminum frame


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Contact Person: Mr. Lin Yue

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