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Graphite bearing

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Graphite bearing

Graphite bearing factory Graphite bearing factory Graphite bearing factory
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Place of Origin:China
Model Number:99.99%

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One of the main uses of graphite is the production of refractory materials, including refractory bricks, crucibles, continuous casting powder, mold core, mold, detergent and high temperature resistant material. In recent years, two important changes in the refractory industry is MgO-C brick is widely used in steelmaking furnace lining, and the application of aluminum carbon brick in continuous casting process. The graphite refractories and steelmaking refractories are closely linked, the world steel industry about consumption.
Because graphite has many excellent properties, it has been widely used in metallurgical, mechanical, electrical, chemical, textile, national defense and other industrial sectors. It can be used as a refractory. The graphite products keep the original chemical properties of the flake graphite and have a strong self lubrication performance. The characteristics of graphite powder are high strength, acid resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance at 3000 degrees C and low temperature -204 degrees. Meanwhile, its compressive strength is greater than 800kg/Cm2, and its resistance to oxidation is 1%, and its resilience rate is 15-50% (density 1.1-1.5) at 450 C air. Therefore, graphite products have been widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry, high energy physics, space, electronics and so on.

Efficacy and advantages

First, graphite products have good adsorbability.
Carbon has a good adsorbability of carbon, so carbon is often used as an adsorption material to adsorb water, odor and toxic substances. We have done experiments, a few days before the barbecue pan graphite used looks very clean, but in the electromagnetic oven heating, will see the last barbecue oil and the adsorption of harmful substances will slowly leaking, but don't worry, with a clean kitchen paper to wipe clean can use.

Second, graphite products have good thermal conductivity, heat transfer quickly, heat even, save fuel.
The baking pan made of graphite, the pot and so on are heated quickly, and the cooked food is evenly heated, from inside to outside, and the heating time is short, which is not only pure taste, but also can lock the food's original nutrients. We have done experiments. When we roast the meat with a graphite baking pan, we just started the induction cooker to fight the fire. It could warm up in only 20-30 seconds. When we start baking, we only need to play on a small fire, so we can make use of energy saving.

Third, graphite products have chemical stability and anti erosion ability.
Graphite has good chemical stability at normal temperature, and is not affected by any strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvent. Therefore, graphite products are rarely used for long term use, as long as it is clean as clean as new.

Forth, graphite products have strong oxidation resistance and reduction.
Products, especially graphite mattresses, can produce negative oxygen ions after heating, so that the surrounding articles are activated, maintaining human health, effectively preventing aging, and making the skin full of luster and elasticity.

Fifth, graphite products are environmentally healthy, no radioactive pollution, high temperature resistance.




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