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Graphene oxide

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Graphene oxide

Large Image : Graphene oxide

Product Details:


A large number of oxide-containing group surface, having a good solvent solubility and the affinity of the polymer.

Oxygen content of oxygen-containing groups is 30 to 40%, very good water-soluble, single content is more than 99% after the dissolution. Microchip size 0.5 ~ 3μm, the thickness is about 0.55 ~ 1.2nm. No precipitation.

Graphene oxide powder is obtained by drying graphene oxide sol by vacuum freeze. Graphene oxide in a freeze-drying process is not lost due to the drying surface temperature oxygen-containing groups and caused between graphene oxide layers overlap. After drying the powder porous, spongy, water was added, Sonicator ultrasonic 5-10min (ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic about 30min), the sol can be restored to the original characters to obtain a uniform and stable dispersion.


Purity:> 99wt%

Thickness: 0.55 ~ 1.2nm

Diameter: 0.5 ~ 3μm

Layers: 1-10 layer

Color: Amber



Main types following:

Graphene oxide powder



brown to yellow color powder

Average Purity>99%

Specific Surface Area~65 m2/g

C/O Atomic Ratio 0.8-1.6 adjustable

1 Layer Thickness  0.6-0.8nm

Lateral Dimension   200nm~10μm




High-activity Graphene oxide powder


Preparation: improved Hummers

brown to yellow color powder

Average Purity>99%

Specific Surface Area~65 m2/g

C/O Atomic Ratio 0.8-1.5 adjustable

1 Layer Thickness 0.6-0.8 nm

Lateral Dimension 200nm~10μm



Graphene oxide solution

This product was prepared by improved Hummers, and then sonicated in water to obtain a stable graphene oxide solution.Concentration range is 0.1-3mg/mL. For scientific research use.



Homogenized golden yellow or brown liquid

pH  5-7

Concentration 0.1-3mg/mL

C/O Atomic Ratio 0.8-1.5 adjustable

1 layer Rate>95%

1 Layer Thickness  0.7-1.2nm

Lateral Dimension  200nm-10μm



Graphene oxide hydrosol

The product is purified after repeated washing and stripping of undiluted graphite oxide puree.  Without drying throughout the production process, so the rich oxygen-containing functional groups are effectively retained,  can be prepared graphene oxide solution by mild aqueous ultrasound. This product is a laboratory preparation for scientific research use.



Homogenized brown Collosol liquid

pH 5-7

Concentration  7-10mg/mL

C/O Atomic Ratio  0.8-1.5 adjustable

1 layer Rate >50%

1 Layer Thickness  0.7-1.2nm

Lateral Dimension  200nm-10μm

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